me and encaustic

Tiffany Logan B.A.[Hons] P.G.C.E

I was born in Deal on the beautiful Kent coast in 1964. I did my degree in Cardiff and got my John Moore’s University. I enjoyed teaching art for over fifteen years in Sussex, London, Essex and Kent. After a big life change in my late 30's [2003] I moved back to Deal and gradually began painting on a full-time basis. I re-married in 2011 and moved to Bedfordshire where I am lucky [blessed] to have a studio at the bottom of my garden.

 I’ve exhibited in numerous locations and Galleries in the U.K. including in Kent and London at the Candid Arts and the Mall Galleries. I am fortunate to be represented by some wonderful galleries - such as Artat88 in Berkhamsted, Lys Boutique in Zurich, The Robin’s Nest Gallery in Wargrave and  HardingHouse Gallery on Steep Hill, Lincoln. 

I love children’s drawings. That stage before self-consciousness and self-doubt creeps in.

I love the accidental and haphazard things that occur within the act of painting. The process is important to me - I tend to create masses of detail and then blot out parts and then repeat the process. Painting is like therapy for me, giving "flow" to my life.

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